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Stand B32
Alan Wheatley Art

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    Alan Wheatley Art
    22 Mason's Yard
    London, SW1Y 6BU
    United Kingdom
    T  +44 (0)20 7930 1262
    M   +44 (0)7833 694 331

    E-mail contact@alanwheatleyart.com

    Website http://www.alanwheatleyart.com

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    20th Century / Post-War British Paintings and Sculpture

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    Founded :

    Directors: Alan Wheatley, Iwona Chrościelewska

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    With years of experience, Alan Wheatley Art is proud to offer the highest quality Modern British painting and sculpture.

    Alan Wheatley Art serves a wide client base, in the UK and abroad, including corporate and established private collectors, as well as those individuals just beginning to acquire works of art.

    In September 2017 the Gallery has been appointed sole representative of the Estate of Alan Davie, one of the most important Modern British Abstract painters.

    We have held a number of critically acclaimed exhibitions, including: ‘John Hoyland: Unmistakable Identity’ (2009); ‘Alan Davie: To Uncover the Hidden Unknown, Early Paintings 1947-1965’ (2011); an important exhibition of Modern British Sculpture ‘Fanning the Flames’ (2012); 'Alan Davie: The (Wild) Eye of Wonder, Early Paintings 1945-1970' (2014) and the most recent 'Alan Davie: An Inner Compulsion, Retrospective Exhibition' (April - May 2018).

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