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Stand D5
The Sladmore Gallery

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    The Sladmore Gallery
    57 Jermyn Street,
    St James's,
    London, SW1Y 6LX
    United Kingdom
    T  + 44 20 7 629 1144
    F  + 44 20 7 495 3668

    E-mail flo@sladmore.com

    Website http://www.sladmorecontemporary.com

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    Fine 19th, early 20th Century bronze sculpture and contemporary sculpture and objects.

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    Founded : 1965

    Directors: Edward Horswell, Nona Horswell, Gerry Farrell

    Member : B.A.D.A. (The British Antique Dealers Association), S.L.A.D. (The Society of London Art Dealers)

    Exhibitors :

    The Sladmore Gallery started as a small, private collection and is now one of the leading galleries specialising in nineteenth and twentieth century sculpture.

    Fine casts of Barye’s work together with selective works by ‘Les Animaliers’ form the basis of our nineteenth century stock, whilst Rodin, Degas, Maillol and especially Bugatti make up the twentieth century.

    Our active contemporary department represents British sculptors Mark Coreth and Nic Fiddian-Green and our website shows a wide selection of our stock.

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