Lee Mindel, Margaret Russell, Nazy Vassegh, Philip Hewat Jaboor, Ellie Cullman

With Masterpiece 2016 just under two months away the countdown to this year’s edition kicked off with a glamorous reception in New York held at high profile interior designer, Lee F Mindel’s stunning Modernist residence.

The evening in early May was hosted by Masterpiece London Chairman Philip Hewat-Jaboor and Chief Executive Nazy Vassegh, along with the Fair’s International Friends including cochairs Alidad, Elissa Cullman, Jamie Drake, Alexa Hampton, Margaret Russell, Scott Snyder and Rose Tarlow.

Ron Wagner, Timothy VanDam

The event, supported by Architectural Digest US, also included among its guests a number of renowned designers including Christopher Boshears, Ronald Bricke, Budd Bruce and Harry Heissmann, as well as Simon Phillips, one of Masterpiece’s Founders, and a number of our exhibitors.

Read more about our New York event online at http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/party-pictures/2016/love-and-art



Cynthia Murphy, Vyna Saint Phard


Lee Mindel, Nazy Vassegh, Simon Philips


Susan Zises Green, Bennett Weinstock


William Brockschmidt, Richard Dragisic, Joshua Bircham, William Secord, Brian McCarthy