Masterpiece are delighted to announce a specially curated diamond exhibition in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be created at this year’s fair. Entitled “Brilliant”, the exhibition is the first of its kind to be undertaken by the fair, and will offer all visitors a visually arresting and intimate experience curated by Carol Woolton, jewellery editor of UK Vogue, author and leading international authority on jewellery.

 Pushing the boundaries of how diamonds are used and viewed in our society, Carol Woolton has structured the diamonds according to four artistic disciplines – art, architecture, fashion and sculpture – to provoke surprise and discussion about the role of the world’s most coveted gems. Whether incorporated into decorative artistic works such as chandeliers, seen as objects of beauty, or used as fashionable fastenings in the form of diamond zips, cuffs and collars, the exhibition will comment on the enduring hold diamonds have over us. 

 True to the fair’s commitment to showcase the best of the best, “Brilliant” promises to wow visitors with the finest diamond jewellery, as well as diamond performance art and never-before-seen, innovative one-off pieces.  Drawn towards a darkened space by the glow of fluorescent piping spelling out the word “Brilliant”, visitors will have an exceptional opportunity to witness unparalleled gems in a spectacular environment. Presented with a guide to the exhibition, visitors will wander throughout the space, and be given a chance to study the light and fire of the stones, and appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of each piece.