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Symbolic & Chase

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    Symbolic & Chase
    30 Old Bond Street
    London, W1S 4QQ
    United Kingdom
    T  +44 (0)20 7499 9902

    E-mail enquiries@s-c.com

    Website http://s-c.com

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    Jewellery and Objets d'Art

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    Founded : 2003

    Directors :

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    From our private salon on Old Bond Street, Symbolic & Chase aims to provide an exclusive and personal service,
    whether it is to help you find a special gift for a loved one or guide you through the process of building your collection.

    We believe jewellery should be viewed as Art and not a mere symbol of portable wealth.
    The pieces in our collection are chosen for the beauty of their design, their virtuoso execution and their
    historical significance. We are keen to translate our passion for exceptional jewellery and objets d'art, placing
    an emphasis on education and research, hoping to help you appreciate the context in which your jewel was created.

    Our search for the finest jewels from the late 19th Century to the present day is very much a global treasure
    hunt and incorporates an intricate network of auctions, dealers and private collections.
    We would be delighted to present to you our current collection and discuss your requirements.

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