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Stand B43
Edward Barnsley Workshop

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    Edward Barnsley Workshop
    Cockshott Lane
    Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 1BB
    United Kingdom
    T  01730 827233

    E-mail enquiries@barnsley-furniture.co.uk

    Website http://www.barnsley-furniture.co.uk

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    Bespoke Contemporary Furniture

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    Founded : 1923

    Directors: James Ryan

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    The Edward Barnsley Workshop has been making beautiful furniture since 1923. We make one-off pieces for clients in the UK and abroad. James Ryan designs all our furniture, mostly for private homes. We also make boardroom tables and ecclesiastical pieces and have undertaken some important commissions including the oak boards for the Domesday Book and pieces for the Palace of Westminster.

    Edward Barnsley CBE (1900-1987) was one of the most important British furniture-makers of the twentieth century. He followed in the tradition of his father, Sidney, who was a pioneer of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

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