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    Kenneth Neame Ltd.
    27 Mount Street
    London, W1K 2RT
    United Kingdom
    T  +44 (0)20 7629 0445
    M   +44 (0)78 1752 1092

    E-mail info@neameantiques.com

    Website http://www.neameantiques.com

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    18th & 19th Century Furniture, Mirrors, Clocks, Porcelain and Objet d'Art

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    Directors: René Sattler

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    This Gallery in Mount Street, London, draws people from all over the world. They come and see a selection of beautiful objects of all types and periods – and usually, buy them.
    The Window normally has large items, which always attract attention, such as a Secretaire/Breakfront Bookcase, English from the 18th century; a splendid set of 12 Rice-paper Pictures, 19th century; a Charles II brass-mounted black and gilt japanned Cabinet on a silver carved-wood Stand, circa 1680.
    The large Ground-floor Room itself is an Aladdin’s Cave of first-class items for your home. They vary in all sizes from Lamps to Chandeliers in exquisite shapes; Paintings on canvas as well as Glass, ranging in age and subject; splendid pieces of porcelain as Figures and Clocks; we have a fine collection of larger gilded Clocks, all different in subject, but beautiful in style. There are endless other items such as Candelabra, beautiful Tables and Chairs, outstanding Wall-mirrors, Vases and Object d’arts.
    Downstairs, there are two beautiful Rooms, filled with splendid items to match those upstairs.

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