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Theo Fennell Ltd

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    Theo Fennell Ltd
    169 Fulham Road
    London, SW3 6SP
    United Kingdom
    T  020 7591 5000
    F  020 7591 5001

    E-mail craig.sutherland@theofennell.com

    Website http://www.theofennell.com

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    Fine Jewellery and Silver

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    Founded : 1982

    Directors :

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    Theo Fennell Ltd. is acknowledged as one of today's premier Jewellery and Silver designers. His unique style is as instantly recognisable as his pieces are inspirational. Attention to detail and ability to interpret grand design on a miniature scale has helped to establish the company as a major force for innovative craftsmanship worldwide.
    It is the marriage of design, skill and emotion with beautiful and rare materials that gives such romance to his Jewellery and Silver. 'Jewellery should be intensely personal and life enhancing', says Theo Fennell.

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