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    Place des Bergues 1
    1201 Geneva
    T  +41 22 732 75 55

    E-mail ​contact@boghossianjewels.com​

    Website http://www.boghossianjewels.com

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    Contemporary Jewellery

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    Founded : 2007

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    For four generations, the Boghossian family have showcased the natural beauty of pearls and precious stones with verve, passion and time-honoured savoir-faire.

    The launch of Bogh-Art in 2007 marked their desire to bring something new to the world of gems: innovative creations pushing back the limits of jewellery design – with an audacious blend of refinement, magical colour and astonishing contrasts, achieved using sophisticated and innovative techniques.

    In their ceaseless quest for jewellery with emotional appeal, the Boghossians blend past and future, tradition and innovation. They have, for instance, re-introduced the ancient art of incrustation, which originated in the Egypt of the Pharaohs and reached perfection under the Mughal Empire. Bogh-Art are famed for their pioneering efforts in bringing a new approach to this age-old technique, which demands exceptional skill and precision. Each stone is meticulously cut and shaped, then set directly into the next one to create dazzling contrast and colour.

    Yet the Boghossians are no slaves to tradition, also making pioneering use of titanium and carbon fibre to lend their jewellery exceptional lightness and transparency. These innovative materials are not easy to work – especially when associated with diamonds – so Bogh-Art created their own laboratory in 2008, to develop and improve production techniques.

    It is all part of Bogh-Art’s ceaseless quest for jewellery perfection in a style that sets them apart from traditional jewellers. The results are stunningly appealing!

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