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Stand D8
S.J. Phillips Ltd

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    2nd Floor
    26 Bruton Street
    United Kingdom
    T  020 7629 6261

    E-mail nicolas@sjphillips.com

    Website http://www.sjphillips.com

  • category

    Jewellery, bijouterie, snuff boxes, miniatures and silver.

  • Overview

    Founded : 1869

    Directors: Nicolas Norton

    Member : B.A.D.A. (The British Antique Dealers Association)

    Exhibitors :

    S.J. Phillips Ltd celebrated their 130th anniversary in 1999 and have an extensive stock of antique and modern jewellery, English and Continental silver, sundry snuff boxes and precious objects. They have what is probably the largest collection of Continental silver available for purchase in the UK, and the largest display of antique jewellery practically anywhere. The company is managed by the Norton family (grandson and great-grandsons of the original S.J.) and, together with a loyal and dedicated staff, provide a service which is second to none.

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