Alan Wheatley Art at Masterpiece 2014: Ivan Hitchens - Still Life with Flowers & Henry Moore Reclining Figure with pointed head

Vetting at Masterpiece

Vetting of all exhibits at Masterpiece is important, underlining the integrity of the Fair and offering confidence to our buyers.

Every exhibit at Masterpiece is vetted by a team of over 150 leading international specialists drawn from the diaspora of academia, museums, conservators, auction houses, dealers and galleries. Twenty­-seven individual Vetting Committees examine each piece in their own field to ensure that the exhibit is genuine, in good condition, correctly labelled and worthy of exhibition at Masterpiece.

The Fair has a well­ considered set of rules and regulations covering all disciplines to which participating exhibitors must comply. In addition The Art Loss Register screens all works against their database.

The combination of our world­class exhibitors together with the high standards set by our vetting is paramount to the success and excellence of the Fair, giving confidence and clarity to all who visit.

Masterpiece VETTING COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP as at 12 June 2017

Philip Hewat-Jaboor – Chairman of Masterpiece London, Chair of Vetting
Sebastian Whitestone – Deputy Chair of Vetting
Ludovic de Walden – Chair of Appeals
Jocelyn Poulton – Vetting Coordinator
Scott MacDonald – Vetting Assistant

  • Antiquities Chair: Joanna Van der Lande (Bonhams, Senior Consultant to the Antiquities Department)

    Dr Anna Bennett (Conservation and Technical Services Ltd)
    Richard Falkiner
    Dr Rita Freed (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Chair of Art of the Ancient World)
    Dr Jack Ogden (Striptwist Ltd, Director)
    Rupert Wace (Rupert Wace Ancient Art, Director)
    Professor Dr Raimund Wünsche (Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, Munich, Director (Retired))

  • Arms & Armour Chair: David Edge (The Wallace Collection, Head of Conservation, Metalwork)

    Peter Finer (Peter Finer, Founder)
    David Williams (Bonhams, Director)

  • Chimneypieces, Garden Sculpture & Natural History Chair:Rupert van der Werff (Summers Place Auctions Ltd, Director)

    Errol Fuller
    Nicholas Gifford Mead (Nicholas Gifford Mead Antiques, Partner)
    Imogen Paine (Imogen Paine Ltd, Director)

  • Chinese Ceramics, Furniture & Works of Art Chair: Floris Vanderven (Vanderven Oriental Art Managing, Director)

    Caroline Blunden (Blunden Oriental, Director)
    Robert Bradlow (Sotheby's, Head of Chinese Department)
    Rose Kerr (Independent Scholar)
    David Priestley (Priestley & Ferraro)

  • Clocks, Watches, Barometers & Scientific Instruments Chair: Jonathan Betts (Emeritus Curator, Royal Museums Greenwich)

    Simon Bull (Simon Bull Consultants, Owner)
    Charles Miller (Charles Miller Ltd, Director)
    George Somlo (Somlo Antiques Ltd, Managing Director)
    Anthony Woodburn (Anthony Woodburn Ltd, Chairman)
    Sebastian Whitestone

  • Coins & Medals Chair: Richard Falkiner

    Tom Eden (Morton & Eden Ltd, Director)

  • Contemporary Art & Design, Post-1980 Chair: Abraham Thomas (Blain Southern, Director)

    Katie Jone (Katie Jones, Owner)
    Roger McIlroy (Roger McIlroy - Australia, London & Hong Kong)
    Adrian Sassoon (Adrian Sassoon)
    Helen Turner (CASS Sculpture Foundation, Curator)
    Libby Sellers (Libby Sellers, Director)
    Professor Gareth Williams (Middlesex University, Head of Design)

  • Continental Furniture & Works of Art Chair: William Iselin (Iselin Art Advisory Ltd, President)

    Dr Wolf Buchard (The National Trust, Future Research Curator)
    Philip Astley-Jones
    Stephen Harrison (Cleveland Museum of Art, Curator of Decorative Arts & Design)
    Davide Sestieri (Briganti Sestieri Art Consulting SRL, Chief Executive Officer)

  • English Furniture & Works of Art Chair: Simon Redburn

    Harry Apter (Apter Fredericks Ltd, Director)
    Adam Bowett (Furniture Historian)
    Richard Coles (Godson & Coles, Director)
    Edward Hurst (Edward Hurst, Director)
    Martin Levy (H Blairman & Sons Ltd)
    Melvyn Lipitch (Peter Lipitch Ltd, Director)

  • Ethnographica, Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art Chair: Jonathan Hope

    Susana Montiel De Colmenares (Art Dealer)
    Tim Teuten (Consultant)

  • European Ceramics Chair: Anton Gabszewicz (Ceramic Historian)

    Michele Beiny Harkins (Michele Beiny Inc, President)
    Cyrille Froissart (Consultant)
    Sebastian Kuhn (Bonhams European Ceramics Department)
    Errol Manners (E & H Manners)
    Adrian Sassoon (Adrian Sassoon)
    John Whitehead (John Whitehead Work of Art)

  • Fabergé, Objets de Vertu, Snuff Boxes, Miniatures & Enamels Chair: Alexander Von Solodkoff (Hemmelmark Archives, Director)

    Julia Clarke (Sotheby's, Consultant)
    Claudia Hill (Ellison Fine Art, Director)
    Peter L Schaffer (A La Vieille Russie)
    Elle Shushan (Elle Shushan)

  • Furniture, Applied Arts & Design – 20th Century Chair: Stephen Harrison (Cleveland Museum of Art, Curator of Decorative Arts & Design)

    Jean Marcel Camard (Camard et Associés, Chairman Auctioneer)
    Barbara Deisroth (Barbara Deisroth)
    Fay Lucas (Art Metal, Owner)
    Alain Marcelpoil (La Galerie Alain Marcelpoil, Director)
    Erik Mullendorff (88-Gallery Ltd)

  • Glass Chair: Timothy Osborne (Delomosne & Son Ltd, Director)

    Andrew Burne (WGT Burne (Antique Glass) Ltd, Director)
    Charles Hajdamach (International glass lecturer, historian and author)
    Rachel Russell
    Julia Schottlander

  • Icons Chair: Sir Richard Temple Bt (The Temple Gallery, Director)

    Lawrence Morrocco

  • Indian & Islamic Ceramics, Furniture & Works of Art Chair: Simon Ray (Simon Ray Limited, Director)

    Francesca Galloway (Francesca Galloway Ltd, Owner)
    Jeremy Knowles (Jeremy Knowles Indian Works of Art)
    Arthur Millner (Independent Specialist)
    David Weldon (Sotheby's, Senior Consultant)

  • Japanese Ceramics, Furniture & Works of Art Chair: Max Rutherston (Max Rutherston Ltd, Director)

    Richard Barker (Richard Barker Fine Art Ltd, Director)
    Anastasia von Seibold (Christie’s, Associate Director, Specialist, Head of Sales, Japanese Art)
    Douglas Wright (Oriental Art Consultant)

  • Jewellery Chair: Raymond Bancroft-Baker (Christie's Consultant)

    Stephen Burton (Hancocks & Co (Jewellers) Ltd, Managing Director)
    Joanna Hardy (Joanna Hardy Ltd, Director)
    Martin Travis (Symbolic & Chase, Director)

  • Paintings, Watercolours & Drawings, Pre-1900 Chair: Anthony Speelman (Edward Speelman Ltd, Director)

    Dr Edgar Peters Bowron (Formerly The Audrey Jones Beck Curator of European Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)
    Sir Timothy Clifford (Retired Director General National Galleries of Scotland)
    Simon Dickinson (SimonDickinson Ltd, Chairman)
    James Faber (Day and Faber, Director)
    Simon Howell (Shepherd Conservation Ltd, Managing Director)
    Peter Kerber (J. Paul Getty Museum, Paintings Department)
    Lowell Libson (Lowell Libson Ltd)
    Patrice Marandel (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Curator Emeritus)
    William Mitchell (John Mitchell Fine Paintings, Partner)
    David Scrase (The Fitzwiliam Museum, Retired Assitant Director of Collections)
    Guy Stair Sainty (Stair Sainty Gallery, Director)

  • Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings & Sculpture, 20th Century Chair: David Ellis-Jones (Art Advisor)

    Guillaume Duhamel (Duhamel Fine Art, Founder)
    James Gould (Offer Waterman and Co, Director)
    Patrick Legant (Patrick Legant - Art Consultancy, Owner)
    Toby Treves (Modern Art Press, Chief Executive Officer)

  • Photography Chair: Lindsey Stewart (Bernard Quaritch Ltd, Consultant Specialist)

    Robert Hershkowitz (Robert Hershkowitz Ltd, Director)
    Martin Jurgens (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Conservator of Photographs)

  • Primitive Paintings, Country & Oak Furniture, Folk Art & Treen Chair: Simon Green (Christie's South Kensington, Director Oak and Country Furniture)

    Stephen Foster (A & E Foster, Director)
    Robin Light (Crane Kalman Gallery)
    Robert Young (Robert Young Antiques, Partner)

  • Prints, Maps, Books, Manuscripts & Philately Chair: Dr Timothy Bolton

    Adam Douglas (Peter Harrington Ltd, Senior Specialist Rare Books)
    Dr David Goldthorpe (Sotheby's, Head of Department, Books & Manuscripts)
    Alexander Hayter (Forum Auctions)
    Ian Shapiro (Spink London, Consultant)
    Jane Zagel (Jane Zagel Restorer, Conservator)

  • Sculpture & Works of Art, Pre-1830 Chair: Stuart Lochhead (Danny Katz Ltd, Director)

    William Agnew (W Agnew & Company Ltd, Director)
    Dr Charles Avery (Independent Fine Art Consultant)
    Rupert Harris (Rupert Harris Conservation Ltd, Senior Conservator)
    Alastair Laing (The National Trust, Curator Emeritus of Pictures & Sculptures)
    Dino Tomasso (Tomasso Brothers, Partner)
    Jeremy Warren (Emeritus Research Fellow, The Wallace Collection)
    Volker Wurster (Galerie Neuse, Bremen, Director)

  • Sculpture & Works of Art, 1830 - 1930 Chair:Oliver Wootton (Independent Art Historian)

    Edward Horswell (Sladmore Gallery, Director)
    Imogen Paine (Imogen Paine Ltd, Director)
    Alain Richarme (Univers du Bronze, Director)

  • Silver & Plate Chair: Mrs Eleanor Thompson (Consultant)

    David Cawte (David Cawte)
    Ian Franklink (Franklin Silver)
    Ian Irving (Ian Irving Ltd, Director)
    Timothy Schroder

  • Textiles, Carpets & Upholstery Chair: Simon Franses (S Franses Ltd, Director)

    Anne Marie Benson (Independent Textile Specialist)
    Linda Parry (Retired Curator, Victoria & Albert Museum, London)
    Sue Prichard (Royal Museums Greenwich)
    Leon Sassoon (C John (Rare Rugs) Ltd, Managing Director)