Masterpiece London Awards

Joint Winner Display:

Modernity Stockholm – Stand B20

Masterpiece London Awards

Joint Winner Display:

Agnews – Stand C27

Masterpiece London Awards


Galerie Marcilhac - Stand A38

Masterpiece London Awards


Alan Wheatley Art, Stand B29

Masterpiece London Awards


Symbolic & Chase, Stand C7

Masterpiece London Awards


Tomasso Brothers & Colnaghi - Stand B6

Masterpiece London Awards

Work by a Living Artist:

Paul Kasmin Gallery - Stand A36

Masterpiece London Awards


Thomas Coulborn & Sons - Stand C13


Masterpiece Awards 2017
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Fine Art, Diamonds and Jewellery

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  • Outstanding Display Rewards excellence and innovation and demonstrates an imaginative approach to the design, display and lighting of the stand combined with superb works of art. There is one winner and one runner-up.
  • Exhibits of the Year Awarded to those exhibits that are judged to be outstanding – perhaps undiscovered, rare and provenanced, and of beauty - under the categories of: Object; Painting; Jewel; Furniture; Work by a Living Artist. There is one winner per category.
  • Masterpiece Highlights Our specialist vetting committees will each nominate the object that in their field they feel reflect scholarship, rarity, connoisseurship and is most representative of all that is best in their category. There are 27 Highlights.


    The Masterpiece Awards reflect the committee's personal tastes and they were impressed by the exceptional display and variety of works on offer at Masterpiece. The winners for this year's awards are:

  • Joint Winner Display of the Year Award: Modernity Stockholm – Stand B20
    “A stand of supreme elegance with a consistent aesthetic, bringing their top-quality Scandinavian design to the fore.”
  • Joint Winner Display of the Year Award: Agnews – Stand C27
    "A stellar display of Pre-Raphaelite masterworks, enhanced by dramatic staging that allowed the stand to speak even stronger than the sum of its parts."
  • Furniture: Galerie Marcilhac - Stand A38
    Gueridon by Clément Rousseau, c. 1920
    “The superb materials, craftsmanship and design sum up the art deco aesthetic in one object.”
  • Painting: Alan Wheatley Art - Stand B29
    Patrick's Delight by Alan Davie, 1960
    “This monumental canvas marks a turning point of Modern British art with its potent colours and impressive history.”
  • Jewellery: Symbolic & Chase - Stand C7
    “A historically important yellow diamond, spectacularly incorporated by JAR into a superb necklace.”
  • Object: Tomasso Brothers & Colnaghi - Stand B6
    The Abduction of Proserpina by François Girardon, c. 1690 - 1700
    “A powerful sculpture with an extraordinarily beautiful surface, by the major French sculptor of the period.”
  • Work by a Living Artist: Paul Kasmin Gallery - Stand A36
    Caption by Roxy Paine, 2017
    “This unique stainless steel work by a major contemporary artist is a supremely elegant work of art”
  • Ceramics: Thomas Coulborn & Sons - Stand C13
    Pair of Terraglia ‘Mosaic’ Volute-Krater Vases by the Giustiniani Factory, Naples c. 1826-1830
    “This very rare pair of imitation mosaic creamware vases look back to antiquity and look forward equally to the contemporary.”

The Committee:

  • Philip Hewat-Jaboor, Chairman, Masterpiece London
  • Robin Anthony, Curator, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Patrick Kinmonth, Opera Director and Designer
  • Christopher Levett, Collector
  • Fatima Maleki, Collector
  • Susan Moore, Art Market Correspondent and Associate Editor, Apollo Magazine
  • Francis Sultana, Furniture and Interior Designer
  • Daniel Smith, JLT Specialty, sponsors of the Awards (observing only)