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The Narrative Beauty of Wood

PANEL DISCUSSION: THE NARRATIVE BEAUTY OF WOOD Thursday 18th March, 5pm Speakers: Richard Coles, Antique Dealer and Masterpiece London exhibitor Sarah Myerscough, Gallerist and Masterpiece London exhibitor Tom Palmer, Director & Head of Furniture & Projects, Plowden & Smith Ada de Wit, Curator of Works of Art and Sculpture, The Wallace Collection Moderator: Dr Megan Aldrich, Independent Scholar and Editor of the journal Furniture History Click here to register
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Encountering Beauty: Wood

Today we’ll be talking about wood – a material that is in a sense very ordinary but which has been made extraordinary by artists from many different cultures, and for thousands of years. It has been carved and turned, joined and inlaid, polished and painted – and in many cases, its endurance against the odds has lent it a fragile preciousness that only adds to the sense of wonder that it inspires. Featuring Patrick Mestdagh, whose gallery in Brussels presents objects from outside Europe – fro
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Object of the Month: Three Holy Women at the Tomb

My name is Elyse Nelson, and I am an assistant curator in the department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where I oversee the collection of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European sculpture.   When one thinks of figurative sculpture carved from wood, the first works that often come to mind are the medieval limewood sculptures found in Gothic churches, or the saintly figures in splendid polychrome from the Spanish Renaissance. Rarely do
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Through the Eyes of the Maker: Wycliffe Stutchbury

Artist Wycliffe Stutchbury discusses the versatility of different woods and the indelible impression the landscape leaves on each of his artworks. Wycliffe Stutchbury is represented by Masterpiece exhibitor Sarah Myerscough.


Material Visions: Wood | Untitled, Doris Salcedo, 2003, Istanbul

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