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Encountering Beauty: Bronze

Today we’ll be hearing about why artists have been so drawn to bronze for thousands of years – a material that is notoriously difficult to work with and yet has rarely been out of fashion.   I’m delighted to be joined by Martin Clist, managing director of Charles Ede in London, one of the world’s leading dealerships for works of ancient art from Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire; and by Peter Osborne, of Osborne Samuel, one of London’s leading dealers in modern British painting and sculpture.
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Inspired by Nature

From the perspectives of an artist, a curator and a foundry specialist, this talk provides insight into how nature has been a source of inspiration for metalwork past and present. The speakers on this panel work with metals in very different ways. Their discussion will focus on metal through the lens of nature: Junko Mori is an artist whose work draws on nature in startlingly original ways; for Tobias Capwell, a curator of historic armour, its form is conditioned by nature; and for Rungwe Kingdo
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Object of the Month: A Dutch gold snuffbox with Rebecca at the well

My name is Alice Minter and I am the Curator of the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection, on loan to the Victoria & Albert Museum since 2008.   The Gilbert Collection comprises one of the largest collection of snuffboxes built by a private collector, with illustrious 18th and 19th centuries examples from the most eminent centres of production in Europe, as well as Russia. As we recently updated their permanent display at the museum, I was able to handle and study one of my favourite examples
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Object of the Month: The Annunciation

Selected by Emerson Bowyer, Searle Associate Curator, Painting and Sculpture of Europe, Art Institute of Chicago. Alessandro Vittoria (Italian, 1525-1608) The Annunciation, c. 1583 Bronze, 97.8 × 61.6 cm (38 1/2 × 24 1/4 in.) Art Institute of Chicago, Edward E. Ayer Endowment in memory of Charles L. Hutchinson, 1942.249 How can metal possibly contend with the extraordinary atmospheric and coloristic effects of 16th-century Venetian paintings? One would assume it to be an impossible task, given
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Through the Eyes of the Maker: Fredrikson Stallard

Artists Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard - who form the collaborative art and design studio Fredrikson Stallard - discuss the physicality involved in their work with different metals and the raw energy and chaos of the material. Fredrikson Stallard are represented by David Gill Gallery.


Material Visions: Bronze | Chinese Bronze Bell, 5th Century BCE


Material Visions: Bronze | Saliera, Cellini, 16th Century


Material Visions: Bronze | Early One Morning, Anthony Caro, 1962


Material Visions: Bronze | Thicket, Roni Horn, 1989 – 1990



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