The Multidisciplinary Fair | Where art, design & curation converge

Join Michael Diaz-Griffith in conversation with interior designer Jamie Drake, curator Stephen Harrison, and art advisor Isabella Lauder-Frost, as they discuss the art fair in its most dynamic state. The multidisciplinary fair is more than an emporium of fine and decorative arts; it is a showcase for the latest in design, a platform for cultural institutions, and a hub for the influential and creative. How does the multidisciplinary fair fit into the wider art world? And how does it serve the designers, curators, and collectors who gather there?

Moderator | Michael Diaz-Griffith (Executive Director, Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation)
- Jamie Drake (Interior Designer)
- Stephen Harrison (Curator of Decorative Art and Design, The Cleveland Museum of Art)
- Isabella Lauder-Frost (Art Advisor)

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