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ArtAncient specialises in ancient art, numismatics and natural history.

Founded by Costas Paraskevaides in 2009, ArtAncient started as an online gallery and has grown to deal in high quality works of art, having participated in international art fairs and been elected to trade associations. The gallery opened a London-based showroom in 2016.

ArtAncient are committee members of the Antiquities Dealers’ Association (ADA), members of the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA), BADA, LAPADA, and the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA).


DIRECTORS: Jethro Sverdloff Costas Paraskevaides
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Silver Tetradrachm from Syracuse, 413 - 405 BC
A rare, orientated 'shooting star' meteorite, an unclassified chondrite, found in North Africa. Formed during the early solar system, around 4.6 billion years before present.
Limestone relief, Old Kingdom, 6th Dynasty, circa 2323 - 2291 BC.
Gold stater of King Philip III of Macedon, circa 323 - 319 BC


Masterpiece's exhibitors span all eras and disciplines and include many of the world's most distinguished art dealerships. Scrupulous vetting and thoughtful juxtaposition allow one to encounter beautiful works of art, have one's eyes opened to the unfamiliar, and buy with confidence.