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De Jonckheere

Founded in 1976, De Jonckheere Gallery is the art world’s point of reference for 16th and 17th centuries Flemish painting. Since 2012, the gallery has also guided its collectors in the works of the great masters of Modern art.
The detailed study of the works selected by De Jonckheere, and the energy put in to distinguishing the finest works on the market, have allowed the gallery to establish its reputation and its expertise in the great Flemish masters for the past forty years. Equally, its taste in the paintings by the great masters of Modern art have progressively led the gallery to broaden its activity with the same level of engagement.
Keeping up with the new generation of collectors, De Jonckheere takes a progressive approach which guides beginners in enriching their collections with exceptional works of art.


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Panoramic coastal landscape with the Calling of St. Peter
Herri Met de Bles
Panoramic landscape with shepherds in front of a castle
Jacob Grimmer


7 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville




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