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Edward Hurst

There are four important things I look for before buying a piece: originality, condition, romance and crucially, good design.

I have been dealing in antiques full time for 30 years and have been passionate about the subject since childhood. When I was about six I felt that by holding an object dug up in the garden, say a fragment of a clay pipe, I could imagine what had happened to it from its fabrication to the present. The passage of time has always held a great fascination for me as within each piece there lies the possibility of time travel.

Over the last few years I have been working on a great variety of projects balancing furniture, paintings and objects to create harmonious spaces.


DIRECTORS: Edward Hurst
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A George IV mahogany library chair covered in black horse hair, c. 1825.
A rare Elizabeth I oak single draw leaf table, c. 1580.


Manor Farm

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