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A great passion for jewelry, a degree in geology, a specialization in gemology and several years’ experience at Bulgari and Cartier: this unique background makes Fabio Salini a true standout in the jewelry world, and has brought him immediate international notice.

Fabio Salini personally designs each of his creations, which are made entirely by hand in Rome. Specialized ateliers that work for the most important jewelry Maisons manufacture his works utilizing masterful craftmanship. The designer personally supervises every detail of production, working in tandem with the artisans until the jewels meet his exacting standards. All gems used in his jewelry are carefully selected exclusively by Fabio Salini himself from renowned and specialized dealers who obtain the highest quality gems for him. The entire creative process sometimes requires months of labor from conception to finished piece.

Fabio Salini is a revolutionary talent in the world of the contemporary jewelry. His extraordinary vision expresses an idea of jewelry that brings something entirely new to all his creations.
The interplay between tradition and innovation is essential in Fabio Salini’s creative world. Working with contrasts and experimenting with new materials, he has revolutionized the classic vision of jewelry, bringing it to a new level of bold expressiveness. His creativity and determination, graphic fluidity, study of the volumes and innovative constructions put Fabio Salini’s works firmly in the category of art, far removed from the influences of the market. His creative process springs from a concept in which the jewel expresses beauty in the sort of varied forms usually associated with contemporary art works. It is something more than just a shape: it is art in the form of jewelry.

Fabio Salini opened his Atelier in the historic center of Rome. In this elegant and refined part of the city, with its grand history and inspiring artistic beauty, he felt a continuity of style between his Atelier and the authenticity of a part of town in which one can still find traditional artisan’s workshops, art galleries and quiet courtyards of patrician palazzos, and where exclusivity and discreetness are still very much present.

A double-glass wall separates the Atelier from the outside world, while an impressive iron door preserves the atmosphere inside. Here one finds an inviting lounge designed as a space to encourage emotional and creative interaction between Fabio Salini and the clients choosing his jewels.

The materials, colours and décor objects were all personally chosen by Fabio Salini, to underline and express his artistic style in a coherent way: a balance between classicism and innovation, marked by elegance, richness and a meticulous attention to every single detail.

Elements like a Fontana Arte mirror and a macassar trumeau with elegant silver handles work perfectly with the modern space.

Silver-leaf boiserie rounded contours, soft light from ceiling- and floor-level sources and sepia-toned velvet come together in a balanced mélange of forms that provide a perfect backdrop for Fabio Salini’s jewels.


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"Ruban" earrings in gold, pink sapphires, black diamonds and onyx, 2014


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