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Our 2021 programme invites you to uncover and explore the history of art through the world of materials.

Join our guest speakers for podcasts, videos, panel discussions and more, as they focus on a different material each month and unravel its varied interpretations across time, cultures and disciplines.

Curated in response to the limitations of the past year, the programme provides a welcome reminder of the inherent joy that comes from direct connection with works of art. It is a hopeful precursor to an inspiring reunion at Masterpiece London this coming June.

Encountering Beauty: Wood

Today we’ll be talking about wood – a material that is in a sense very ordinary but which has been made extraordinary by artists from many different cultures, and for thousands of years. It has been carved and turned, joined and inlaid, polished and painted – and in many cases, its endurance against the odds has lent it a fragile preciousness that only adds to the sense of wonder that it inspires. Featuring Patrick Mestdagh, whose gallery in Brussels presents objects from outside Europe – fro

Encountering Beauty: Marble

Welcome to Encountering Beauty, a series of podcasts brought to you by Masterpiece London, with Thomas Marks, editor of Apollo magazine. These podcasts we’ll be exploring the enduring relevance and resonance of what have long been some of the most revered and versatile materials that artists have had at their disposal.   In this episode we’ll be hearing about the marvels of marble, a material that since antiquity has captured the imaginations of sculptors and architects. Across cultures and c