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Based in Geneva and with stores in London and Hong Kong, Boghossian is a sixth generation Jeweler which originates from the UNESCO heritage city of Mardin, referred as the small Jerusalem on the Silk Road. Strong of the tradition of craftsmen and traders on the Silk trade routes, and the dialogues of cultures, the family-owned company draws its inspiration from its Armenian heritage, where the sophistication of the East meets the innovation of the West.
Boghossian's expertise lie in the curation of its collection of exceptional fine gems and the mastery of revolutionary craftsmanship techniques. Throughout the years, Boghossian has built some of the most important private collections of gems and jewellery, which pieces have recently achieved world record prices when sold at auctions.

The Boghossian family has always cultivated the value of dialogue and culture exchanges. In 2006, the family acquired the Villa Empain - Art Deco landmark and listed building, in Brussels to host their foundation ( The ambition is to create a center for dialogue between cultures through the universal language of art. In a way, tracing back to the Silk Road heritage, where dialogue, exchanges and ideas nurtured between cultures, living together in harmony and tolerance, making those regions of the world the first example of a multi-cultural civilization.

Founded : 1980


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  • Place des Bergues 1 
    Geneva Switzerland

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